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Madorin, Snyder LLP has rebranded and is now Bennett Grant LLP. We are a full service law firm based in Kitchener and Listowel serving clients throughout Ontario.

Estate Litigation


When one experiences the loss of a loved one, or when capacity issues of an elderly parent or friend become apparent, disputes may arise relating to that persons personal care, property or their estate plan. Often these estate and power of attorney litigation disputes involve significant emotions with family and interpersonal conflicts escalating.

We have acted for claimants, trustees and beneficiaries in a wide range of estate and power of attorney litigation issues, including:

  • Contested Wills

  • Probate Challenges

  • Breach of Trust Claims

  • Will Challenges

  • Quantum Meruit Claims,

  • Dependant Relief Claims,

  • Executor Removal & Compelling the Passing of Accounts,

  • Challenging Powers of Attorney

  • Removal or Replacement of Trustees or Powers of Attorney

  • Disinheritance

  • Family Law Act Elections

  • Guardianship Applications

  • Trust or Estate Claims by Minors

  • Seeking Involvement of the Public Guardian and Trustee

Working to resolve disputes relating to estates, capacity or powers of attorney requires a lawyer to have knowledge of the law, but also an understanding of the emotional reality the disputes bring to our clients.

We are both firm and practical in our approach to moving towards a quick and effective resolution to these matters, whether through settlement, mediation or resorting to the Courts.

Our Estate Litigation Lawyers

James H. Bennett

Dawn E. Phillips-Brown

Erin G. Kadwell

Nicole K. Wozniak


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