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Madorin, Snyder LLP has rebranded and is now Bennett Grant LLP. We are a full service law firm based in Kitchener and Listowel serving clients throughout Ontario.

Debt Recovery and Collection


Our Debt Collection and Recovery Group successfully recovers hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of individuals and businesses every year.

Working closely with our clients to formulate innovative strategies, our team of Debt Collection and Recovery lawyers works hard to achieve the best possible results, efficiently, and cost effectively.

The Debt Collections and Recovery Group keeps our clients informed and in control by first providing them with a complete assessment prior to incurring significant legal fees, enabling our clients to make the right decision on whether to proceed with litigation or not.

If the decision is to proceed with litigation, our team of Debt Collection and Recovery lawyers then works together with our clients to develop and follow a strategy that is appropriate to the size and complexity of the case and the needs of the client.

Our Debt Litigation Lawyers

Frank D. Carere

James H. Bennett

Ted Dreyer

Dawn E. Phillips-Brown

Christopher D. Clemmer

Erin G. Kadwell

Nicole K. Wozniak


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