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Madorin, Snyder LLP has rebranded and is now Bennett Grant LLP. We are a full service law firm based in Kitchener and Listowel serving clients throughout Ontario.

Mortgage Enforcement


The mortgage enforcement team at Bennett Grant LLP (formerly Madorin, Snyder LLP) specializes in obtaining effective and efficient enforcement of real property secured loans.

Mortgage enforcement can involve a number of complicated and uncertain facets that can lengthen the process and threaten collateral value.  We are experienced in dealing with different procedures used to realize the collateral and collect the debt together with interest and costs in a timely manner.

The mortgage enforcement procedures include serve notices; coordinate with property managers, appraisers and real estate agents; insure the required procedures are taken for the sale of the property and avoid potential allegations of improvident sale; review environmental issues; take steps to collect rentals and deal with tenants; have receivers appointed when appropriate; commence formal litigation to establish the outstanding debt; draft contracts for the sale of property; obtain a deficiency judgment where the sale price is inadequate to cover the outstanding debt; obtain judgment to recover immediate possession of the property where the owners or tenants refuse to leave; coordinate with the sheriff to actually obtain possession and disburse any surplus after the sale.

The Bennett Grant LLP (formerly Madorin, Snyder LLP) mortgage enforcement team represents numbers financial institutions as well as private lenders.  The clients are kept up to date throughout the process by frequent and timely reports.

Our Mortgage Enforcement Lawyers

Frank D. Carere

Tim J. McGowan 

Dawn E. Phillips-Brown

Ross E. Weber 


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