Steve Grant assists Philippine "Mutual" Insurance Industry

Steve Grant, through the Canadian Cooperative Association has volunteered to assist the Philippine mutual insurance industry with the creation of a guarantee fund and solvency review process for micro-insurance companies in the Philippines, similar to that in which mutual insurers in Canada participate.  Creation of the guarantee fund and solvency review process will involve working with representatives of the Philippine Government in amending the Philippine Insurance Code, the Philippine Insurance Commissioner and 14 Philippine micro-insurance “Mutual Benefit Associations”.

In January, Steve, together with Rob Forsyth, Senior Vice-President of the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. travelled to the Philippines where they met with the Insurance Commissioner and representatives of Philippine Mutual Benefit Associations, and visited  a number of micro-insurance companies.

Lawyer Steve Grant in Philippines

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Rob Forsyth and Steve Grant with representatives of CARD Mutual Benefit Association at its head office in San Pablo City.  CARD is the largest of the Philippine Mutual Benefit Association, with approximately 900,000 member policy holders.